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Using Tablets in Education: Stage 3 Research Report

Our previous research showed how tablets have a positive impact on teaching and learning. We continue our research programme with the release of our Stage 3 report, which attempts to quantify some of the findings in the previous reports. The Stage 3 objectives were to examine teacher, student and parent engagement, and impact on pedagogy. The research also measured teacher, student, and parent perception of benefits and drawbacks, in addition to reviewing the process of introducing tablets, and summarising the global picture of the use of educational tablets. Learn more about what we discovered.

Who needs to read this report?

  • Teachers: Perhaps you already use tablets for teaching, but would like to know how other teachers are approaching issues such as training, and educational content? Our Stage 3 research provides this information and more.
  • Head-teachers: You’ve noticed that more and more students and teachers are using tablets, and want to explore the possibility of a formal tablet initiative. Make a reasoned case with Stage 3 of our independent research programme, which also provides further insight into the benefits of tablets over laptops or PCs, and whether or not student distraction is a myth or reality.
  • School Governors and other Decision-makers: Your schools are pressing you to consider tablets, claiming that they are a good investment and will improve student results. Will they? Or is it best to just stick with laptops and PCs? Use the report to come to a more informed decision. The report also highlights what concerns leadership in the school had, and advice that they would pass to schools considering a tablet roll-out.
  • Parents: How will tablets change learning in your child’s school? You might want to know how to help your child do their homework on their tablet. Or maybe you want to advocate for tablets in your child’s school. Either way, this research will help you.

This report provides the latest insight into the factors that schools and teachers need to consider when implementing a tablet scheme. These include pedagogy, infrastructure, choosing educational content, and security concerns.

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