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**Keynote Speaker: Rt Hon David Blunkett MP **

AnimationT4SCWe held our first conference on 9 December 2013, focusing on providing delegates with practical experience of using tablets in the classroom. All proceeds from the conference will be re-invested into the next stages of research. Tablets for Schools have spent two years researching and providing thought leadership on the use of tablets in schools, and our recent Stage 3 report examines their impact.  The first 300 schools that attended the conference have received a Microsoft Surface RT 




Conference Event Guide

Download the full event guide by clicking on the image at the right

Our Keynote Speakers and Host 

  • Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (former Secretary of State for Education)
  • Matthew Hancock MP  (Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise)
  • Dr. Barbie Clarke (Managing Director, Family Kids and Youth).
  • Andrew Harrison (CEO, Carphone Warehouse).
  • Sebastian James (Group CEO, Dixons Retail Plc).
  • Professor Colleen McLaughlin (University of Sussex and University of Cambridge)
  • Professor David Buckingham (University of Loughborough)
  • Andrew Percy MP  - Host

See the Keynote Speakers and Host biogs here.

Breakout Sessions & Workshops

The conference was hosted by former teacher  Andrew Percy MP . Delegates started by discussing their expectations of the day with a ‘concierge’ member who has expert knowledge of the education sector. There was a number of keynote speeches to kick start the day, a morning and afternoon breakout session. During each breakout session, delegates attended two 40-minute practical workshops that cover a number of topics, including:

  • How to deploy a tablet scheme, and watch out for common pitfalls.
  • Determining whether your tablet scheme is actually enhancing learning and teaching.
  • How your journey compares with other schools in terms of choosing devices, financing, and infrastructure.

See the full Workshops Agenda here.

Who will be attending?

The conference will attract between 400 and 500 head-teachers, senior leaders, and decision makers. Sponsors and exhibitors will be exposed to authoritative figures in schools.

  Save the Day: Monday 9th December 2013 8:45am – 5:00pm.  QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, Greater London SW1P 3EE. Click to see on Google Maps

Schools Running Workshops:

  • “New pedagogy for effective learning in the digital world” – Honywood Community Science School (Essex)
  • “From Substitution to Transformation” – Longfield Academy (Kent)
  • “Our journey so far” – Greenford High School (Ealing)
  • “Going mobile – Our vision, strategy and realisation” - Cramlington Learning Village (Northumberland)
  • “It’s all about the learning” – Hove Park School (Hove)
  • “Integrating tablets to enhance Assessment Proficient Learners” – Lion Academy Trust (Walthamstow Forest)
  • “Introducing tablets to assist the journey from Ofsted good to beyond outstanding” - Chiswick School (Chiswick)
  • “Things to consider when introducing Tablet Devices to a single school and across multiple schools” - St Michael’s CE High School (Rowley Regis)

See the full Workshops Programme here.  Workshop titles may be subject to change.


Delegates will be greeted by concierge members on the day, who are all knowledgeable in the education sector. They will provide advice and guidance to delegates about the exhibitors and match-make between the two, to ensure they get the utmost value out of the day. See the full delegate list here

Special thanks to 9ine Consulting for curating and managing the first Tablets for Schools Conference 2013. 


samsungmeru     EAS               Founders4schoolsairwatchXMA-Online-Logoworkshareviglen      compucharge             MMU                                                    trabasacgspodalbion There are limited exhibition spaces left. If you’re interested, contacts us at info@tabletsforschools.org.uk 


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